Eating You Own Dog Food

Apparently, the software industry has an expression: “eating your own dog food”. That means that you actually use the software that you make.

This seems so obvious, yet I can understand why “eating your own dog food” is its own thing. When I work on software, I think in terms that are either very abstract (the requirements, the functionality) or low-level (the code). Even testing the software involves a state of mind that is far different from simply using the code. The software itself becomes an abstraction instead of an actual product. I can also understand the software development process being so harsh that you do not want to deal with the software anymore.

I hope the games I do make do not make me feel this way.

I earlier said that a gruelling development did not permanently diminish my game development desire. What I do not know is if I would actually enjoy the games I make. That would be a big requirement: if I did not enjoy the games I made, what would make sure that others would? In fact, I fear this time in my life that I would never enjoy a game I made. After all, I never finished a game! Even my final project was a mere engine demo that had a big development history!

The sad thing is that part of the reason why I make games is because I want to play games that I like. Re-Hoard is such a fun concept. Wuu Shyng is the Pokémon game I wanted. A big number of game ideas are of games that I wish I could enjoy myself.