Hurricane Emergency

Hurricane Harvey was a no-go.

Hurricane Irma touched me, but other than a lot of debris and some electrical problems, there was not really a big deal.

Hurricane María, however, seems to be at a crash-course against me.

I am writing this ahead of time, but the hurricane is already touching my home country, Puerto Rico. I write this because I want to warn you if electrical problems would make any work impossible in the future. Due to a problematic infrastructure with electricity here that recently led Puerto Rico to a multiple-day blackout, I may risk not being able to do any work until 6 months afterwards.

Despite everything, I wish you all a good night.


How disgusting…

When I started writing here, I wanted to blog daily over a month. In fact, that was the reason why I started on September 1. I enjoyed seeing my chain of posts fill up the month in my posting activity.

I missed 2 days of posts.

Granted, this was because of a nation-wide blackout  because an important electrical plant catching fire and subsequently shutting down a line that ran through the entire country, but I still feel disgusted that my chain broke… very much irreparably so. I would see that broken chain in my activity in pretty much forever.

I feel demotivated…