Why write in LÖVE?

While I previously wrote of the benefits of writing through the Pico-8, I would need to write larger games through LÖVE, instead. The reason behind this came from a decision during early planning of my Master’s Project, which I wanted to be a game. I wanted to target Libretro, actually, because of the:

  • free license
  • cross-platform support
  • specific, through game-oriented design

However, games that target Libretro would have to be writen in C or C++, both programming languages that, despite my familiarity, were unpleasantly complex. However, I found out about Lutro, a porting of LÖVE to Libretro, the main benefit being an ability to write games in the far more pleasant-to-use Lua. Another benefit was that, though Lutro was still a work in progress, the original LÖVE had benefits that were similar to Libretro. The original LÖVE also achieved similar maturity, which meant that I could write games through original LÖVE, get similar benefits, and still be ready when the Lutro port matures.