The Tinglar Difference: Integrity

This is actually a sort of rewrite from the “Parents” page from my website.

I may just be overly fixated, but, these days, most of the popular games seem to be M-Rated. The ones that are lower than that rating seem to be either Nintendo games or shovelware.

Why should that be?

The M-Rated games congregate at the Sony and Microsoft consoles which serve the gaming addict. I mentioned previously that this addict would rather buy only M-Rated power fantasies. I wonder why M-Rated, though. My guess, other than a sick culture, is that these addicts want a “grown-up” game. “Accurate” portrayal of the power fantasy they crave would explain the heavy violence, but what about all the other “bad stuff”? Is, for example, profanity necessary in a power fantasy? I think that the gaming addict would seek out a “sick” game that Sony and Microsoft would wholeheartedly serve… only for the gaming addict to get “sicker” from “feeding” from the game.

While, thankfully, Nintendo managed to provide some healthy and fun alternatives so far, this “sickness” extends beyond electronic games into all media. In one example, a lot of movies are at least PG-13, a lot of them even getting into R. I would not be so narrow-sighted into thinking that this phenomenon is new, but this is not a good climate at all. “Sick” people make a “sick” culture from “sick” content that “infects” more people.

Even though I would actually like legislation that would require others to tone down their content out of the health of, well, everyone, taking out the “sickness” is only part of the solution, leaving a void in culture. Content providers need to provide “healthy” content in turn, this “healthy” content healing both culture and people.

That is one big goal of Tinglar. I want to make games that are both fun and healthy. Nintendo managed to provide such a combination time and again, attracting an audience that is not only larger and healthier but also more varied than the gaming addicts that seem to be the norm today. My integrity is the main reason, actually, why I insist on making “healthy” games.