Not Just Me

I found out that I was not the only one who would be affected by a nation-wide blackout. Sure, my goods and services depend on devices that run on electricity, but a blackout that lasts at least a few days would affect everybody. That made sense because just about everybody uses electrical devices, especially at work, these days. My dependence just happens to run deeper than most others’.

Still, this blackout and subsequent consideration on its effects on my life was healthy and revealing.



At times, I thought about how dependent my job was on electricity. I mean, you need electricity if you want to play my game; I need electricity if I want to develop my game. Also, while I plan on selling my games in real life, the way I set up my payment methods places a heavy premium on online services, all which require electricity. In fact, my current field, software engineering, depends on devices which depend on electricity. There may be secondary skills that do not have this dependence (those who deal in art or mathematics, if I were to write two examples), though…

The recent blackout that removed electricity from all of Puerto Rico just had me feel this possibility…

Should I diversify? If so, then how?