Reassessing Priorities

You probably noticed that I have not posted anything in over a week. Part of that was due to the demotivating feeling that the blackout left me. Another part was general lack of self-discipline in posting. However, the last part was me spending a big part in a blog post that I wanted to write. The issue was that, every time I get to writing, I find out about something new that the blog post needs.

The problem was that spending all this time blogging took away from developing games, that is, my actual job. That was acceptable in the beginning when I was building up a blog that would be good work that I could show any possible employer, but spending too much time on a blog post to the expense of actual work… that has to stop.

I shall continue with blogging; after all, I have plenty of ideas that would make good posts. I am just better aligning my actions to my real priorities. Blog posts are going to be at a slower rate, now.


How disgusting…

When I started writing here, I wanted to blog daily over a month. In fact, that was the reason why I started on September 1. I enjoyed seeing my chain of posts fill up the month in my posting activity.

I missed 2 days of posts.

Granted, this was because of a nation-wide blackout  because an important electrical plant catching fire and subsequently shutting down a line that ran through the entire country, but I still feel disgusted that my chain broke… very much irreparably so. I would see that broken chain in my activity in pretty much forever.

I feel demotivated…

What hath God wrought!

Idyll Romp, the blog that you are reading here, is a sister website to Tinglar. Whereas Tinglar is focused on actual delivery of games, Idyll Romp is focused on my thoughts on not only games, but also their possible influences, ranging from culture to programming.

The name “Idyll Romp” comes from the name of a sleight, that is, a special attack, from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The name not only sounds pleasant to me but also fits the theme of this blog.

On why I decided to have WordPress host this website when I already have free webspace, I wanted security. Tinglar is hosted on Nearly Free Speech while Idyll Romp is hosted on Wordperess. Therefore, my content is less centralized; if Nearly Free Speech has a problem that would shut down Tinglar, some of my content is still available on WordPress.

By the way, even though Tinglar offers its content in English, Spanish, and Esperanto, this blog is going to be written mainly in English. Not only I am more comfortable writing in English, but, also, translating is hard work. This blog is supposed to have a more relaxed feel.