I Abandoned Comi-Con.

I did not go to Comi-Con.

I had a health-related emergency.

At least my ticket did not go to waste…

Hopefully, I can be better-prepared next convention.


Time Issues

In my last post, I talked about how I knew that I could handle the trials of game development.

The trials of deadlines, however, are another issue.

I always had problems with both initiative and general responsibility. In fact, these defects led me to terrible experiences when I was in my bachelor’s degree. Though, through my master’s degree, I eventually outgrew these issues by a large factor, I discovered a new issue with deadlines: stress. More spcifically, even when I do prepare and work responsibly, the presssures of the deadline on the normally difficult projects that I had to do, these projects having more complex depths than first glance, risked my health each time. In fact, I even had to be hospitalized one time.

My fear here is that these types of projects that overtly distress me, even if I thoroughly plan at the start and work on them a lot in a daily matter, would be the norm if I were to work in a software company, especialyy a company that sells electronic games.

In other words, I can handle game development, but I might not be able to handle corporate game development.

I guess that my decision to make my own business was the best fit to me. Because I am in charge of myself at my own company, Tinglar, I can set my working hours and take necessary breaks.

I fear that I would exaggerate the other way, though. More specifically, I fear that I would goof off and, subsequently, neglect the games that I am developing. The consequence would be my neglecting and disappointing my current and future customers. After all, I, a businessperson, have a responsibility to my customers!

Even so, I would rather have this burden to the customers than a burden to tough deadlines.