The Idea Behind Tinglar

In the “Parents” section of my website, I mention that the tagline of my business Tinglar is “Games That Everyone Can Play.” However, the actual scope is actually far greater.

You might have noticed that I called my business “Tinglar,” not “Tinglar Games” or even “Tinglar Technologies”. The fact is that I intentionally left the name open-ended because Tinglar was meant to be a catch-all name for any business I may host, even if those businesses have nothing to do with games. Right now, though the main focus of Tinglar is electronic games, I also would do hardware repair under the Tinglar name. Future plans include shipping non-game software and even art commissions. In essence, I am selling an identity; the Tinglar brand explains not only who I am but also what I do.

Despite this open-endedness, though, the focus of Tinglar was, from the beginning to the end, the electronic games I develop. In fact, my end goal would have Tinglar be primarily, though not necessarily exclusively, the Nintendo of Puerto Rico.