I was so reckless…

You are probably wondering why I had not made any updates to this blog in a shockingly long time.

The first issue was my current computer. After the keyboard appearing to work not properly, I decided to switch its operating system. Because my laptop computer was meant to use Windows 8 and 10, I spent weeks figuring out which operating system worked until Fedora seemed to be the solution.

The second issue was my knowledge of the Pico-8. Because I did not have that familiarity needed in working with the Pico-8, I spent my time studying the API and using a cheat sheet. After that, though, I need to play around with the Pico-8, then practice that knowledge in a more relaxed way before I can get to working on Re-Hoard again.

That is right; I am not working on Re-Hoard right away. Though I did get an answer to my question, the game proved to require knowledge that exceeds the knowledge I currently have or knowledge I can use directly after just playing around. I need to make an easier game before I can tackle Re-Hoard again.

This easier game is called Reckless Abandon.

On a different take from Re-Hoard, Reckless Abandon is more realistic and contemporary in one way, yet more mysterious in another way. The game has a raccoon explore an abandoned amusement park and discover what gadgets and history this place has. Instead of relying on “arcade action”, Reckless Abandon focus on the mood and setting. The gameplay is very simple where the raccoon just moves around and “uses” a few objects, therefore making a game that becomes (in theory) far easier to program.

I hope to release both Re-Hoard and Reckless Abandon before the Puerto Rico Comi-Con because that convention would make a great networking opportunity. I would also need to update the site and make some beautiful art, which means that I would have to go back to practicing art. In fact, I am worried that I would not release the games on time.

…then again, eevee made a game in the Pico-8 during a 72-hour Ludum Dare. More on that, we both have the advantage of having the games half-done already; eevee already had a fully-developed game engine while I already have fully-developed game concepts. (In fact, developing the concept of Reckless Abandon was part of the reason of my inactivity here!)

2 games in 3 days each… let me see if I could reach that goal…


What hath God wrought!

Idyll Romp, the blog that you are reading here, is a sister website to Tinglar. Whereas Tinglar is focused on actual delivery of games, Idyll Romp is focused on my thoughts on not only games, but also their possible influences, ranging from culture to programming.

The name “Idyll Romp” comes from the name of a sleight, that is, a special attack, from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The name not only sounds pleasant to me but also fits the theme of this blog.

On why I decided to have WordPress host this website when I already have free webspace, I wanted security. Tinglar is hosted on Nearly Free Speech while Idyll Romp is hosted on Wordperess. Therefore, my content is less centralized; if Nearly Free Speech has a problem that would shut down Tinglar, some of my content is still available on WordPress.

By the way, even though Tinglar offers its content in English, Spanish, and Esperanto, this blog is going to be written mainly in English. Not only I am more comfortable writing in English, but, also, translating is hard work. This blog is supposed to have a more relaxed feel.