I returned!

After 31 days, I managed to get access to an Internet connection!

I’ll tell you later on how Puerto Rico’s recovering. Right now, though, I am just telling you that I am currently fine.


Hurricane Emergency

Hurricane Harvey was a no-go.

Hurricane Irma touched me, but other than a lot of debris and some electrical problems, there was not really a big deal.

Hurricane María, however, seems to be at a crash-course against me.

I am writing this ahead of time, but the hurricane is already touching my home country, Puerto Rico. I write this because I want to warn you if electrical problems would make any work impossible in the future. Due to a problematic infrastructure with electricity here that recently led Puerto Rico to a multiple-day blackout, I may risk not being able to do any work until 6 months afterwards.

Despite everything, I wish you all a good night.

Release goals of Re-Hoard and Reckless Abandon

Please excuse the news blackout. Since July, I needed to rest, first. Afterwards, I got a new computer that replaced my old one which had a malfunctioning keyboard. After that, I spent my time setting up my computer to my liking and getting used to a new keyboard layout based on the 2nd ANSI Keyboard variation of the DH Colemak mod.* I am still yet from fully used to this layout, but I am reasonably competent here. Besides, I should not be putting off development of my games so long.

How does September 10 sound? I am not making any promises, but I should be getting back to work.

Abandoning a Reckless Pace

Neither Re-Hoard nor Reckless Abandon are going to be released by Comi-Con this year.

Ever since my last post, I took my time both recovering and considering my needs. I realized that I would not be able to deliver a good product (or maybe any product) by that deadline. My health and other kinds of energy trump any business opportunities.

That does not mean that I would stop. I just needed to recover from the deadly pace I took. In fact, a couple of days ago, I reoriented myself on listing what both games still needed.

However, I fear that, given that this is my second delay, I am setting up an image of lazy unreliability.