Back then, when I way trying to compose the “playing theme” of Re-Hoard, I could not compose anything good beyond one loop. I since decided to go out searching for music, instead. The problem was that, though I needed a Creative-Commons music file that was either already in MIDI format or could be converted to MIDI, I had trouble finding one that had a song that actually fit the game’s mood.

The closest match was “Surreptitious”.

After converting the MIDI file to a Pico-8 format, I went to adapting the song to a version that only used 3 channels maximum. (The Pico-8 has 4 available sound channels, but I want to leave 1 channel free that can play round effects.) However, during the process, I found out that I could replace the rhythm track with the “good loop” I originally composed!

I ended up spending a few days remixing the song. Now, the song not only implements my loop and plays in up to 3 channels but also fits the mood of the game, is grouped in patterns of 4, and just sounds great. That song should be up next commit.

This is embarrassing, though. I have discriminating taste in not only a song’s euphony but also fitting a situation. I can deeply analyze songs and discover how they work. I can remix a song and make slight note adjustments. I can even compose tiny melodies. However, I cannot properly make a full song.

Maybe I have this potential, but my lack of knowledge is preventing me from bringing that potential to fruition? I never did take music theory…


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