I struggle with re-hoarding…

I went back to development, but…

…my struggles with developing Re-Hoard returned. I had hit a roadblock in designing the opponents. More specifically:

  • I do not know what their character designs would be. I am currently toying with them either be color-coded humans or color-coded weapons.
  • While I have fully-written concepts on how they should move, translating them into an actual algorithm is no easy task.
  • I still need to find a way where to place them in the current stage. (I establish a half-way point between the entrance and the treasure. All opponents would be placed in a random spot within the range of the treasure and this half-way point.)
  • Because Lua is not an object-oriented language, I got troubles managing the fake objects… especially with the way they would interact with the physics code.
  • I would also have to find a way how they would disappear if the dragon attacks them.

After this, there is the random picker of what class would be the opponent, the animations of the dragon retreating if an opponent touches or attacks the dragon, drawing more sprites (especially the treasure, of which I do not know what would be) the title screen, the algorithm that decides when to play each song, and so on…

…no wonder I am struggling. I have problems with words, especially in defining the problem.

Maybe I can get help, if I should…


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