Independent 2D

I previously said that 3D is the standard in mainstream industry games.

Meanwhile, 2D seems to be the standard of independent games.

More specifically, you can see 2D games proliferate in games that are dominated by independent develops, ranging from Steam to the Nintendo eShop. There are many, many more games out there, the grand majority of them in 2D.

Speaking from my experience, my guess on why 2D is the independent choice is due to the ease of making 2D assets compared to 3D. There is also the fact that some of them want to tribute classic games or make a “neo-classical” game, both calling back to sprite-based games.

I admit that I am of this category, too.

My problem here is that I do not want to be part of a crowd, especially one that also pushes production at the expense of content. I plan on doing large, serious things with my businesss, not only make money with the stuff I want to do. I want to serve others, not just myself.

Even so, why submit to this disgust? My options are either the mainstream 2D and the independent 3D. Even if I were to, say, place 3D assets in a 2D environment, I already listed good reasons why 2D fits me better. While the concern of image is a real one, this is, in the end, another challenge that I have to overcome. Besides, one of the reasons why I made Tinglar is my desire of giving games a better, more inclusive image in general!


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