Needed Spiritual Sequels

I previously mentioned that I wanted to make a spiritual successor of Pokémon. The reason why I picked Pokémon in the 1st place was partially because I myself really enjoyed this game for a long time and wanted to tribute this series, partially because I saw how sick the official series is and thought that the series needed a sort of reset. However, there has to be more classic games that need their own revivals. For example, I already integrated elements of The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link in my game of Wuu Shyng, but these two games should be back in the limelight, given how different these games are from those in the modern series. Another game might be Final Fantasy II. While I liked the way growth was tied to practicing relevant actions, I would likely have the statistic-based growth be a supplement to level-based growth, making character growth less painful yet still flexible.

Are there any other games would you like to see revived?


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