The Tinglar Difference: an Introduction

Although the desire to make and distribute my own games was long-running, I have another motivation behind forming my own business centered on electronic games.

Have you recently felt that electronic games have stagnated? A lot of games today are sequels which, while assuring of quality, can get repetitive. From another perspective, most games, if not poor-quality games that are based on non-game properties, are either shooters or racers. Even my favorite genre, that is, role-playing games, has had its games just… blend together. The decision to buy even these games is resultedly difficult. Mobile gaming while a richer environment, is more focused on the “light, instant access” state of mid when developing on mobile platforms, opposed to computers and dedicated game consoles, even handheld ones, that are better fits to heavier games. Also, who is actually excited over going to the arcade, anymore?

So far, Steam and Nintendo have managed to differentiate themselves somewhat at least (though Nintendo is undergoing its own problems), but gaming in general is on a self-destructive path. Even I myself have been enjoying older games more than newer games. They had better variety… better accessibility… better fun.

Given that I have my own business, I can make games that are a difference from the games that established today. The Tinglar Difference series sets to detail in what areas gaming has gotten bad and how Tinglar plans on taking a different course.

After all, gaming is worth reforming.


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